discover phishing domains before your customers do.

How It Works

Subscribe. Add your search terms. Receive alerts. Simple.
140,000+ Domains Scanned Daily allows business to be alerted when a similar domain to their own is registered by a competitor or adversary. These domains could be used to launch Phishing attacks against your customers, or damage your brand. functions by scanning newly registered domains daily, then alerting you via email if any of your search terms match any newly registered domains.

We function as a simple, subscription based service to help you keep on top of domain based attacks to your business, usually before an attacker has had chance to launch their campaign.

  • 100's Of TLD's has coverage of over 1000 top level domains with more being added weekly.

  • Daily Alerting

    Get alerted to new domains within 24 hours of their registration.

  • 100 Search Terms

    Up to 100 variations of your domain or brand per subscription to track any similar registration.

  • £99 Per Month

    One subscription level, £99.00 per month and free for the first 30 days.

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